July 26th 2006 - Current version: 0.3A

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Please use Warrior Arena At Sourceforge for your primary source of information.

This web page will be developed later on (or not).


July 26th 2006

The new version 0.3A is now available. The new version fixes a few bugs and supports colors and theme files

July 17th 2006

A new version is on the way. This time there will also be a windows binary. Check for updates at the end of month.

May 12th 2006

Version 0.2B is out. Comments are welcome, so far the participation level has been quite low.

April 30th 2006

Version 0.18A is out. Help & participation wanted in all forms, especially with testing various platforms.

April 22th 2006

Version 0.15 is out. Help wanted in all forms.

April 18th 2006

Warrior Arena is now hosted at sourceforge.net. This will hopefully, among other things, speed up the development. Web pages are being updated constantly.

Warrior Areena owes its existence to Areena by Seppo Suorsa